Welcome to The Bean People Australia! Our range of unique kid’s bath products make bath time easy for parents and fun for little ones. Each product is handmade by the beautiful ladies of Beanland and contain only food grade ingredients, making them safe for children.

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Sprudels are brightly coloured bath bombs containing surprise sponge toys. Each colour Sprudel contains a different theme sponge and our egg Sprudels contain cute egg laying animals. There are over 50 sponges to collect, creating hours of bath time fun. When the bath time fun is over, our sponges are great for getting creative. Stick them to your artwork, use them as stamps or even create a themed mobile. And remember to share your creativity with us on our Instagram page.

Our unique Bath Beans have children waiting in anticipation as the beans dissolve, releasing surprise sponge toys. While kids unwind at the end of the day, they love to create sponge displays on the side of the bath and tell imaginary stories about their new sponge friends. Each pack contains two beans and four to five themed sponge toys. There are eight fun themed packs to collect.