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Our product range is made up of Bath Beans, which dissolve in warm water, magically releasing a themed sponge toy, and Bath Sprudels (bath fizzers) which fizz furiously, colouring the bath water and finally releasing one of the more than 50 sponge toys in our collection. Bath Beans and Bath Sprudels, not only make bath time fun, but creates a learning opportunity for children. Children enjoy naming the animals/objects and colours of their sponge toys as well as counting how many they have collected. They practice their fine motor skills while playing with their sponges and challenging themselves to carefully stick each one to the side of the bath. The Sprudels also provide a great opportunity to teach children how secondary colours are created by adding two primary coloured Sprudels to a bath.

All our products are hand made and contain only food grade ingredients; making them safe for children to enjoy. We do, however, recommend that our products are suitable for children age 3 yrs and older due to the size and shape of the various sponge toys inside. 


Bath Sprudels create more fun at bath time! The Sprudel fizzes, slowly releasing a lovely fragrance into the air as it colours the bath water. Hidden inside each Sprudel is a cute surprise sponge character.

Apart from being so much fun, our Sprudels contain sodium bicarbonate, known to relieve tension and pain, boost circulation and promote healing. Adding a Sprudel to your bath can sooth itchy skin including that caused by Eczema and Chickenpox. Our colourance is food grade, making it safe for children and, mums, our Sprudels won’t stain your bath (or your children!!). 

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Six Pack Sprudel

Sprudel Six Packs contain six different coloured Sprudels, each containing a mystery sponge character. They can be used for six individual baths, if used one at a time. Also learn first-hand about colour mixing by putting two primary coloured Sprudels in your bath at the same time!

Single Sprudels

Single Sprudels offer the purchase of one colour Sprudel containing a randomly selected mystery sponge toy. They come in a great  brightly coloured hexagonal box.


Egg Spudels

The Egg Sprudel range comes in three forms; blue egg with red dots, turquoise egg with yellow dots and orange egg with green dots. Egg Sprudels contain only egg-laying sponge animals, which will encourage educational fun for all involved.

Bath Beans

Bath Beans provide magical bath time entertainment for children (and the young at heart!). Simply place them in warm water, and watch as they unfold into sponge toy characters. Each pack contains two jumbo capsules, and each capsule contains one big or two or more slightly smaller sponge characters. See the delight on children’s faces as the cute characters magically appear! Teach them about the animals of the world or tell them a fantasy story about their favourite sponge character. There are 8 theme packs to collect.

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