Coral Sprudel

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Watch your bath colour change and sponge toy magically appear!

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Bath Sprudels create more fun at bath time! The Sprudel fizzes, slowly releasing a lovely fragrance into the air as it colours the bath water. Hidden inside the Sprudel is a cute surprise sponge character.

Single Sprudels offer the purchase of one colour fizz ball containing a mystery sponge. Buy two or more Sprudels and teach children about colour mixing by placing 2 different colour Sprudels in the bath at the same time.

All our products are handmade and our ingredients are food grade quality, making them safe for children. Our colourance is bright and exciting but mums and dads, it won’t stain your bath (or your children!!). All our products are recommended for children 3 years and older. 

Product Weight: 45g

Item includes 1 coral Sprudel